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Jason Banditt Adams

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8X10"-B&W = $10

8X10"-Color = $20

11X14" -B&W = $20

11X14" -

Larger sizes and matting= price on request

discounts on mulitple purchases.

Commissions and Publication

Prices for Commissions and Publications are based on time it takes to create the artwork. Prices begin at: full-page Black & White will run $100; quarter page would be $25, etc. Color full page is $300. I charge $25 an hour. So think of it as that full page Black & White for $100 is one that takes me 4 hours. Scale the price up according; so keep in mind how much detail Iím putting into each illustration.


Costumes and Properties are the same $25 an hour in labor, but ALSO the cost of supplies. Fabric, Leather, accoutrements, greeblies, mould-making and castings, all these things have inherent supply costs. The more difficult and professional, the higher the cost in supplies, materials, tools and time.

Itís the difference between kindergarten crafts and Hollywood level of skill. Pay for it accordingly.


I am filled to the brim with original illustrations. Many are from publications such as Role Playing Games, comics and others I have worked on.

Please Contact me about puchasing an original, as I am more than happy to sell an original to a collector than let it waste away here at the studio!!


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