Custom Illustrations, Character Portraits, Creatures, Vehicles, anything you desire!

print, publishing or personal collection

Offered by 

the "Rogue Artist" 

Jason Banditt Adams


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Originals and Prints are available to the private collector.

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Custom illustrations! 

Character portraits, monsters, scenes, architecture, landscapes, anything your heart desires.

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 Each order can be supplied with a hard-copy of the artwork, a sheet of smaller copies to be used as tokens or a smaller copy to be glued onto your character sheet, depending on the type of image wanted.

For gamers who like "Dungeons & Dragons" (D&D), "Star Wars", "GURPS", "Lord of the Rings", "Star Trek", "Babylon 5", "Mechwarrior" and "Battletech", "Big eyes, Small Mouth", Palladium, d20 system, White Wolf Games like "Vampire", "Werewolf ", "Mage ", etc., "Call of Cthulhu", "Serenity", "RuneQuest", "HeroQuest", and more....


Cost is based on each individual piece, but the rule of thumb is $20 per hour, or $100 per full page for Black & White. If its only a quarter-page illustration, its $25, half-page is $50, etc.

Busts and portraits are less than Full-feature figures, more than one character, entire scenes, etc . Type of rendering, shading, detailing, etc have their own price variations.

Lite Background with little clutter: A simple landscape such as the facade of a building, costal waters beyond a beach, desert and rocks, a few trees and shrubbery. Heavy Background constitutes a scene unto itself. A battle raging behind the character, the character standing atop a pile of rubble or enemies or plunder. A city-scape or entire forest. Anything where the character is more a part of the scene, instead of simply standing before it, dominating the page by him/her self.

To understand what you would like, I need a couple of questions answered first:
1). What are you looking for:


Black and white line art,

or Greyscale/shaded?

2). Is there a piece in my GALLERIES , or CHARACTERS Section, you like? Let me know what it is about that piece and I will try and gear your custom artwork based on that.

3). Send me the run down on your character

What he/she looks like:



Hair/eye/skin color,



Asians: Chinese, Japanese, Inui-asian, or lower asian/mongolian, etc.

Caucasian: Eastern European, Western European, Nordic, etc.

African-based: Ebony/dark black, chocolate, light mocha, etc.

Mediterannian: Golden Bronze, Dark Bronze, etc.

Middle Eastern: Dark Tribal, Lighter provinces, etc.

Fantasy: Elves, Dark Elf, Orc, Goblin, Dwarf, etc.


B). Equipment. Not EVERYTHING, but what is normall seen/important to your characters iconic orideal look?

Sometimes equipment is as iconic as the character. Who is Kaneda without his bike? Drizzit and his swords. Bilbo Baggins and his magic ring!

C). Distinguishing marks: scars? lost an eye? missing a hand? lipstick on the cheek? etc.

D). The characters attitude/outlook on life.

Is the character happy-go-lucky? Or depressed all the time? Allways angry? Stuff like that. This is just mainly for how I draw the expression on the face and the body-language.

E). Any special requests: like, sitting under a tree, or on a bridge, or praying, action pose, standing atop the bodies of thier slain enemies, fighting a dragon, being eaten by a dragon! Stuff like that.

F). More than one character? Not a problem! I've done entire parties of characters.

From there I can give you a price.

Hit me up!

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*Copyright retained by thet artist, unless contracted for production work, at production prices. Production piece copyright for single production use allowed to client, all other copyright reatined by artist.