The Artwork of
Jason Banditt Adams

Compiling a list or works that I have contributed to..

Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty,

Tim Bancroft (Author), Miguel Santos (Illustrator), Jason Banditt Adams (Illustrator) PDF SAMPLE

Traveller Core Rulebook (Revised edition)
Gareth Hanrahan (Author) PDF SAMPLE

Traveller: 1,001 Characters

by August Hahn, Nick Robinson (Editor), Jason Banditt Adams (Illustrator) PDF SAMPLE

Dream Realms (Elric of Melnibone)

by Joshua Cole, Richard Ford (Editor), Jason Banditt Adams (Illustrator) PDF SAMPLE

CONAN: Adventures in the Hyboria Age

by Eric K Rodriguez, Tim Bancroft, Vincent Darlage PDF SAMPLE

HERO Games: Champions of the North

Scott Bennie (Author) PDF SAMPLE

HERO Games: Post-Apocalyptic Hero

Steven S. Long (Author), Darren Watts (Author), Jason Walters (Author) PDF SAMPLE

Moebius Adventures Core Rules
Brian Fitzpatrick and Sean Bindel (Author), Brian Fitzpatrick (Editor), Jason Adams (Illustrator) PDF SAMPLE

Signs and Portents: Mongoose Monthly Magazine

various authors and contributors PDF SAMPLE

Shadowrun: War!
From Catalyst Game Labs PDF SAMPLE

Battletech Handbook: House Liao: A Faction Sourcebook
Jason Schmetzer (Author) PDF SAMPLE

Traveller Book 3: Scout
Lawrence Whitaker (Author) PDF SAMPLE

Blood Over Gold: Trader Princes of Maniria (Heroquest RPG)
Jeff Kyer (Author) PDF SAMPLE

RuneQuest II: Arms and Equipment

Lawrence Whitaker (Author) PDF SAMPLE

Desolation RPG Main Rulebook

Stephen Herron (Author)

On the Nightside
Serephyna Storm (Author), R.C. Whitecotton (Author)
ISBN: 978-1-4512-0205-2

Writer, Artist and Creator of "Rogue's Galley, the Villain's Bar" a webcomic.

Writer, Artit and Creator of "DInogothica:Wasteland Wanderers" a webcomic.

Winner: Fans' Choice of Con on the Cob

Winner of several Origins Art Show awards, including best monochrome and best historic.



Still needs documented:

Hackmaster (Kenzer and Co.)




Interview by French magazine

Moon Design publication

"Moebius adventures",


Sceaptune games: "Lost Isles 2", "Dryhaven", full page color ad for “DUNGEON” magazine

MacVision Entertainment - Comic book illustration, California, pencils & inks 2006

Iron Grip, video game - character and vehicle designer 2006-2007

IBACOS subcontracted by OWENS CORNING – Technical AutoCAD drawings, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Centec - photo repair and manipulation, plaque design and sculpture for bronze casting services, including the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, Fremont, OH

Nello Construction - architectural based rendering of future building; Pennsylvania

Tee shirt design; numerous companies and independents, Ohio and Pennsylvania

Dagorhir, commemorative T-shirt for national event, main illustrator, Washington DC

Print & Design, Trafford, PA - Assistant to Head of Graphic Design Department.  Create art and set-up pre-made files from clients for print on both press and digital output

Excel Sportswear, Trafford, PA - Design/Illustration of tee-shirts utilizing Corel and Adobe software and hand-drawn artwork

Official 3-3/4" G.I.JOE Collectors' Club, Huntington, CA- Staff Artist- comics, newsletter illustrations, cover artist, and various illustrations