2006 is the year I began attending conventions with a booth (complete with Booth Monkeys!)

My favorite part of going to conventions is meeting people and doing custom characters on-the-spot...


Long-time customer Steve gets his likeness rendered :P BASHCon 09

This lovely young lady and her brevedier beau had these custom commissions created at BASHCon 2009


My Dagorhir peeps stop by to give me props. It's like us long-haired hippies just gravitate to one another. BASHCon 09



An entire D&D party has their characters captured on paper in this image from BashCon 2008.



A lovely lady has her Star Wars RPG character immortalized. BashCon 2008

Dagorhir member Asashi has his bone-chilling character rendered in all his glory. BashCon 2008