Rogue's Galley


"Rogue's Galley: the Villain's Bar"

is a satire WEBCOMIC about the has-been villains of the 1980's as they dream about their glory days and fritter away their retirement at the nautical-themed dive, the Rogue's Galley.

About the creator:

Jason Banditt Adams has been a freelance illustrator since 1999. He primarily works for the Gaming Industry on RPGs. His work can be seen here:

He is a dedicated child of the '80s and only does this NON PROFIT webcomic out of his fondness for these characters.

#01: Welcome to Rogue's Galley

#02: Welcome to Rogue's Galley II

#03: Old Villains

#04: The Commander

#05: The Commander II

#06: The Commander III

#07: The Commander IV

#08: Vader

#09: Vader II

#10: Vader III

#11: Vader IV

#12: New Movie

#13: There he is

#14: There he is II

#15: Freakshow

#16: Freakshow II

#17: Freakshow III




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Rogue's Galley is a satire comic strip. All likeness of persons or characters, living or dead, are used in a satirical fashion. No copyright infringement is intended.

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